Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lebrone James hot seat with Royal Protocol?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are on a tour enjoying their holiday visited NBA and there LeBrone James gladly and with open arms welcomed the royal couple.

Prince William, Kate Middleton , LeBron James (photo:
Opportunity calls upon LeBron and candidly enjoyed the photo session with Kate and Prince William but to everyones shock, the basketball superstar broke a rule, that is the "Royal Protocol". He gladly swarm his arms around Kate Middleton without any hesitation.

But what is the big fuss about this Royal Protocol?

- a code prescribing strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence (as in diplomatic exchange and in the military services) <a breach of protocol> ( source:

I too am not familiar of such a rule set for monarchs but was intrigued by the thought of it. What LeBron did to Kate is a big NO! Why?

A Royal Protocol checking out sites and understanding what it is says that it is a historical belief that God choose the Monarchs and therefore they are to be given with utmost treatment and consideration. It reaches to giving royals the common courtesy and the most social etiquette you could do, in short it is a law.

Prince William, Kate Middleton , LeBron James (photo:
In a layman lingo that we can all understand is that you have to know when to sit, when to stand, not  to touch a monarch. But this tradition as how it was emposed before is not as tragic as how it appears now a days. Though certain royal protocols still exist.

But the mere point I guess of what LeBron should have done as expected by media and critics was to give them more respect and not to be too overly casual with them. Though good thing is that Kate didn't bash an eye of what He did and gamely enjoyed her photo session with Prince William and Lebron.

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